Rustic sugar notes, molasses and roasted nuts. The finish is raw cacao nibs, bittersweet and lingering.
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This is a special micro-lot from Fazenda Monte Verde. This farm has won awards for both pulped natural and dry-processed coffees, including first place for a dry-process lot that we offered last year. The farm is the property of Jose Roberto Canato and his family. At a total of 600 hectares, 140 are entirely dedicated to coffee, and much of the farm is maintained in a natural state, with freshwater springs supplying water for the crops and the natural environment as well. Fazenda Monte Verde is situated at 1260 meters, and they have a variety of coffee cultivars. Mostly Bourbon varietal.
The dry grounds smell like honey and nut, quite sweet and candied. Hot water brings about a nice culmination of caramel and cocoa powder, and the break produces a healthy dose of toffee nut. The brewed coffee has such a pleasant profile, brown sugar, almond, black tea, and raisin sweetness. Body is heightened too, carrying these aspects along to the long aftertaste. Roberto Canato’s coffee has a slight acidic snap to it too, setting it apart from the average Brazil. Great SO (Single Origin) espresso too – chocolatey, dark sugars, and viscous body.
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We want to bring our enthusiasm out through our choice of offerings and blends. HighNote Coffee places an emphasis on Honduras as the crown jewel of Central American coffees, to a select variety of single origins from other nations around the world. We will never lay claim to deep knowledge of how a coffee should taste but recognize its complexity and ever changing moods. These are pursuits that started us as producers and now roasters.

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