So rich, it should be on the cover of Forbes. In all seriousness, we have a little fun with this one. We change up the recipe from time to time so it isn’t always the same coffee but always tastes great.
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And to keep this a mystery, the blend sometimes contains some coffees not on our list which is the appeal of changing from time to time. Extracted in a properly functioning, clean espresso machine the blend produces a lot of crema, making the mouthfeel very thick and creamy. The sharp pungent bite to the blend is not bitter, and fades into a rich tobaccoy-milk chocolate aftertaste. If properly roasted (not scorched) the blend will not be ashy, something I really don’t like in espresso. (With any espresso, if the aftertaste turns acrid and bitter after 3 minutes or so, clean the heck out of your machine.)
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We want to bring our enthusiasm out through our choice of offerings and blends. HighNote Coffee places an emphasis on Honduras as the crown jewel of Central American coffees, to a select variety of single origins from other nations around the world. We will never lay claim to deep knowledge of how a coffee should taste but recognize its complexity and ever changing moods. These are pursuits that started us as producers and now roasters.

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