Delicate and sweet is how we would describe this coffee. Flavors of Jasmine, tangerine, lemon and slight caramel are accented by a grape like acidity with vanilla, honey and floral perfumes.
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This is a ‘classic’ Yirga Cheffe all the way, where coffee is said to originate as an understory plant in the dense forests. Kochere has 260 COOP members growing coffee on small farms at a range of 1700 to 1900 meters. In this area, the idea of a coffee farm might need to be defined more specifically; much coffee is simply planted in the forests, untended, then harvested when ripe. Other coffee is simply found growing wild and harvested. A few farms are more intentionally planted, pruned, and improved over time. The cooperative has received assistance in their business organization and accounting, agronomy and processing, as well as in marketing the coffee. They also paid a record dividend to farmers this year 2014 after the harvest, based on the premium price we paid for their coffee. And it deserves it!
The dry fragrance has a unique scent, with delicate sweetness, honey graham cracker and cinnamon, along with slight floral allusions. There is a chocolate brownie note too, with continued baking spice notes. Adding the hot water, the aromatics change to hefty raw sugar, with floral jasmine pearl tea, and baked peaches. This interesting blend of sweetness and spice with such a clean and clear distinction is something unexpected in this coffee; which are historically dry-processed, leaving these notes buried behind processing flavors. The cup has some of the same characteristics, Earl Grey tea and stone fruits. It’s a very balanced cup in this respect, with brightness and substantial, creamy body. Notes of papaya, rose hips, and hibiscus lend a complexity to the cup profile. Dark notes are especially fruited with flavors of citrus and berry. The finish reveals a spice mix of fresh ginger, cinnamon stick, a hint of allspice. The roast notes, have a compelling ‘sugar-browning’ note, with the interacting flavors of caramel, butter and vanilla.
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We want to bring our enthusiasm out through our choice of offerings and blends. HighNote Coffee places an emphasis on Honduras as the crown jewel of Central American coffees, to a select variety of single origins from other nations around the world. We will never lay claim to deep knowledge of how a coffee should taste but recognize its complexity and ever changing moods. These are pursuits that started us as producers and now roasters.

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