Originating in the western Mediterranean, lavender is a highly aromatic plant with a sweetly floral and spicy aroma with lemon and mint notes.
Lavender must be used in small quantities because its flavor quickly becomes overbearing. Lavender powder gives a stronger flavor since grinding breaks down the buds and the sugar absorbs the aromatic oils.
Lavender goes well with lamb and goat and makes a tasty flavoring for ice cream. Other food affinities include apple jelly, butter, cream, custard, dark chocolate, honey, sugar, tea, and vinegar.
Lavender is successful in savory dishes, too. Chop leaves can be used for a salad or chopped flowers may be cooked into rice. Chopped flowers and leaves may be added to flavor lamb, roast, chicken, or pheasant.
Ingredients: Lavender (France) Fancy.

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